The Performing Arts has been thriving with many varied activities this term and great creativity has been on display as students have engaged in what has been offered.

Kolbe's Got Talent

On Feast Day, the stadium came alive at this year's Kolbe’s Got Talent. The audience excitedly cheered on members of the community as students performed. The whole school attended and were entertained with items including a rock band, choir, singers, dancers, musicians and comedians. I want to take the opportunity to congratulate and thank all those involved, including the performers, sound team, audience and staff members.

Performing Arts Excursion

This term the Year 10 Drama Class and Year 9 Dance class ventured into the city to visit the Arts Centre Melbourne. Students received a private tour of the building before viewing the live theatre performance of MTC’s Bloom (Drama class) and Sydney Theatre Company’s Ascent (Dance class). For many, it was the first time they had been to the Arts Centre to see a professional show. It was a memorable day for all involved.

Maiyia Vue (Year 10) reflected on the experience:

“When going to a live theatre, I learnt many different things about how plays were performed and how scenes were shifted from one setting to another, and I was overall surprised at how big the stage and seating areas were. The Art Centre had beautiful scenery and though it seemed a bit small on the outside, the inside had multiple different floors and everything felt magical and luxurious. It really showed just how many people enjoyed theatre and how hard they worked to maintain the building and art within the building”.

Performing Arts Showcase

On October 17th, the Performing Arts Showcase will take place in the Kolbe stadium at 6:30pm. This event allows students to showcase their talent to the entire Kolbe community. Many of the items performed at Kolbe’s Got Talent will also be showcased on this evening plus the instrumental students will have a chance to present what they have been learning in their private weekly sessions. Secure your free ticket now by registering via the QR code on the poster. Family and friends are welcome!

Laura Roso
Director of Performing Arts

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