World Teacher Day - October 28

Teaching is a rewarding, challenging, exhausting and exhilarating job.

It involves countless invisible hours of planning, marking, preparation, designing resources, modifying work, collaborating, record keeping and reporting. In the classroom, it is a juggling act of understanding and responding to the learning, emotional, social, behavioral and personal needs of up to 28 unique individuals at the same time. All of this occurs against the backdrop of curriculum frameworks, timelines, compliance requirements, and interruptions to classes. And many teachers don’t stop there; they run co-curricular activities, volunteer their time to support students in Homework Club or Maths Club, coach sporting teams, participate in committees, voluntarily attend Year 10 Dinners and Year 12 Graduations, or give up countless lunch times and recesses to support students in need.

But teaching is a unique job - not just because of its complexities - but because of the opportunity it offers to make an impact on another person’s life. Most of us can think back to at least one teacher who made a significant impact on us; someone who introduced us to a passion or talent we have, someone who saw leadership or capacity in us that we didn’t see ourselves, someone who supported us when we needed them, someone who genuinely understood us and made us feel valued, or someone who made us aspire to achieve a dream.

Thursday October 5 is World Teacher’s Day; however, given that, in Australia, this date frequently falls during the school holidays, Australia celebrates World Teacher Day on October 28. This is a wonderful opportunity to acknowledge and appreciate teachers for their positive impact on the lives of students and for the extraordinary role they play in our community. At a time when teachers are in short supply and the lingering effects of the pandemic have added to the challenges of the classroom, it is essential for schools, students and families to let teachers know how much the community values the work they do and the impact they have.

At Kolbe, we are blessed to have extraordinary teachers who are deeply committed to seeing our students thrive.

This October, consider reaching out to the teacher(s) who has or had a significant impact on you to let them know the difference they make.

Recruitment for 2024

With preparations for 2024 well underway, we will continue to have a number of teacher and non-teaching positions available to cater for our increasing student numbers for next year.

If you, or someone you know, is a teacher interested in joining a supportive school community where everyone grows, employment opportunities at Kolbe will be advertised online and on our website at:

Tracey Kift
Deputy Principal: Staff

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