Academic Scholarships

Kolbe Catholic College is committed to providing outstanding educational opportunities for students pursuing academic excellence. The Kolbe Catholic College Academic Scholarships will be offered annually to two Year 7 students of families who reside in one of our priority parishes.

Academically talented students are encouraged to apply for a scholarship to attend the College. The Academic Scholarship will cover annual tuition fees.

Applications for the Year 7 2026 Academic Scholarships will open in February 2025.

Terms and Conditions


To be eligible for this Scholarship, a candidate must be a current Year 6 student, residing in one of our priority parishes.

A student must be enrolled at Kolbe Catholic College in order to be considered for a scholarship.

Applicants will be required to sit a Scholarship Test. Following the Scholarship Test, shortlisted applicants will be required to attend a formal interview. The candidate is selected on the basis of academic performance and the ability to contribute to the life of the College, be it through liturgy, social justice, sport, creative arts or leadership.

The Academic Scholarship would be in effect for the student’s six years at Kolbe Catholic College. It is expected that the successful recipient(s) will uphold the values of the College and maintain a diligent approach to their academic endeavours.

Academic Scholarship Examination

Scholarship examinations will be held at Kolbe Catholic College, 37-101 Lysterfield Drive, Greenvale.

The date for the Year 7 2026 Academic Scholarship examination is Saturday 31 May 2025.

All Scholarship Testing will incur a $105 fee that will need to be paid upon registration.

Once enrolments for Year 7 206 have been confirmed, an email inviting those students to apply for a Scholarship will be sent.

Further Information

For any additional information on the Kolbe Catholic College Academic Scholarships please contact the College on 8339 3060.

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