Bus Service

The College operates a bus service where parents need to apply to utilise school bus travel. Parents will be required to contribute to the cost of the service. There is a contribution of $800 per year which will be charged to your school fee account (less the $100 deposit payable at the time of booking).

Bus bookings are for 1 school year (not per Semester).

To secure a place on a bus you will need to apply via the relevant Trybooking Link below for your preferred service for each student individually.


Seats are limited so bookings in advance are essential.

You will be asked to enter the following information on your preferred bus:

  • Student Name
  • Year Level in 2023
  • Address
  • $100 deposit (plus 0.50c booking fee) payable via TryBooking

All bus services have been designated their own information tab below with corresponding indicative timetables and routes along with a TryBooking link for that specific service.

Student Responsibilities and Code of Conduct for Bus Travel

As part of the booking process parents and students must read and agree to the Student Responsibilities and Code of Conduct for Bus Travel and the behaviour expected and any consequences that may ensue from failure to comply the expectations outlined.

Student Responsibilities and Code of Conduct for Bus Travel

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I book a bus service for 2023?

Firstly, ascertain the service that suits your needs and click on the Trybooking Link that corresponds to that bus service

Q. Where do I find the Trybooking link?

All bus services have been designated their own information page on the College website with corresponding timetables and you will find the relevant Trybooking link on this page. This information can be found on the College website under Bus Service in the Enrolment tab

Q. How do I ensure I get allocated to a bus?

Commitment and deposit of $100 (plus 0.50c booking fee) via the TryBooking link available on the College website.

Places will be allocated on a first in, first served basis and capacity will be limited to 57 seats on the Craigieburn (YELLOW) Bus Service, Roxburgh Park (ORANGE) Bus Service and Beveridge/Kalkallo (BLUE) Bus Service.

The Gladstone Park (GREEN) Bus Service is currently limited to 22 seats. Should demand become greater than the number of seats available, the College may look at adding more seats.

Q. Can I book a morning or afternoon service only?

No. A partial service is not offered. Once booked, a seat is will be available for your use, both on the morning service and on the afternoon service.

Q. What happens when I am on the waiting list?

The waiting list will be managed by the transport team and you will be notified if a vacancy arises

Q. How will I know if my student has been allocated to a seat?

Once you have successfully booked on TryBooking, you have secured a place on the service for 2023. We will also send out a confirmation email before the start Term 1 2023

Q. I have paid my $100 deposit, how and when do I pay the balance?

We will add the remaining bus charge to your school fee account at the start of 2023

Q. What happens if I want to cancel use of the bus service?

You will be required to put your request in writing via email to transport@kolbecc.catholic.edu.au and the bus pass will need to be returned to Student Services. The bus fee is non-refundable.

Q. What happens if I change address?

You can be transferred to another service provided there is capacity. If there is no capacity, we will reimburse you the charges on a pro rata basis.

Q. Can a new stop be added to the bus run if the bus does not stop near my house?

Our bus stops have been scrutinised for the past few years and we have found the scheduled route to be the most efficient. Our bus service is extremely popular and we have done our best to provide the most comprehensive route knowing that we won't be able to cater for everyone. We have worked closely with the bus company to ensure there is a balance between the number of stops offered and making sure that the bus arrives at school on time.

If you still require further information, please email transport@kolbecc.catholic.edu.au



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