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Faith, Courage, Compassion

Faith & Community

The Kolbe Catholic College student upholds the Catholic values that have been inspired by the work and message of hope from our College patron, St Maximilian Kolbe, who was a true model of Jesus Christ. They are guided by the Franciscan charism of fully giving of one’s spirit in applying the Catholic ethos to their everyday lives. Each student is assisted on their own personal ‘Journey in Faith’ and the integration of that faith within the contemporary Australian culture and society in a variety of ways. They are encouraged to practise Christ’s ministry through discourse and education in religion, prayer and reflection, liturgy, charity, raising awareness of world issues, inter-faith dialogue, social justice and community action.

A key part of the holistic development and deepening of faith for all students at Kolbe Catholic College is their encounter with diverse spiritual experiences and the relationships with each other and with Christ that, as a consequence, spiritually nourishes them. As a Catholic community we strive to educate our students to live out the Gospel values as informed learners empowered to shape and enrich our world. We also seek to forge valuable partnerships with key stakeholders within our local, national and global communities, so that our College continues to be an active and responsible citizen within these contexts.

This leads to every student becoming confident, proud companions of the Kolbe legacy and in living their lives with faith, courage and compassion.

College Motto

The Canonical Administrators have ratified that the Kolbe Catholic College motto be:

“Faith Courage Compassion”

The legacy of St Maximilian Kolbe is a story of heroism, courage and self-sacrifice; a beacon of hope for the future. Kolbe’s life and death inspires us to follow Jesus as he did; his faith, his commitment to those in need no matter what it would cost him and his passionate concern for excellence in living his faith.

St. Maximilian Kolbe’s life exemplifies values which serve as an inspiration for the Kolbe Catholic College community:

  • Faith; uncompromising belief in God; renowned devotion to Mary, the mother of Jesus.
  • Our unique dignity as a person created in the image and likeness of God.
  • Concern; outreach; preparedness to do something about the horrors of our own time – hunger, poverty, homelessness, damage to the environment.
  • Courage and personal sacrifice

    The fruitfulness of work does not depend on ability, on energy, on money, although these.are useful gifts of God.but solely and exclusively depends on the degree of one’s union with God.

    Love! This is everything.

    Saint Maximilian Kolbe

    College Crest

    The Crest and symbols have been chosen to encapsulate the meaning of the motto and the life of St Maximilian Kolbe.


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