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Looking back, my placement at Kolbe Catholic College has profoundly influenced my career aspirations, solidifying my commitment to a path in education


Fulfillment and Growth at Kolbe Catholic College: A Testament to Supportive Community and Professional Development

What initially attracted you to Kolbe Catholic College, and how did the experience align with your expectations?

I was initially attracted to Kolbe Catholic College because of its commitment to providing exceptional support to young graduate teachers. In addition to this, I could relate to a significant portion of the student body at the school, which comprises a sizable Chaldean/Assyrian cohort. I recognised my role within this community, to share my knowledge and expertise as a teacher. Upon joining, I found that my experience did align with my expectations and I have received the best possible support in my early career in teaching. The College’s commitment to Catholic education, and its strong sense of community contributed immensely to my personal growth and professional development.

Can you describe any unique opportunities or experiences you encountered during your time at Kolbe Catholic College that contributed to your professional development?

During my time at Kolbe, I have encountered many unique experiences that contributed to my professional development: engaging in the Year 11 Retreat, attending Year 9 Camp, attending professional development courses associated with Religious Education and course convening for Year 7 and 9 Journey in Faith. All of these experiences enhanced my teaching and expanded my knowledge and expertise in my method of study.

How did Kolbe Catholic College support you in terms of mentorship, resources, and integration into the school community?

Kolbe Catholic College has played an enormous role in supporting my professional journey as an early career teacher on PTT. Through the wonderful guidance of the well experienced teachers providing mentorship, I was able to ask questions at any point in time. Their friendly image and willingness to go above and beyond ensured I felt included in the community and found where I truly belong.

In what specific ways did Kolbe Catholic College prepare you for future opportunities in education or your chosen field?

Kolbe Catholic College has prepared me well for what my future will look like in my chosen field. Being exposed to opportunities such as course convening plays a pivotal role in gaining leadership skills. In 5 years time, I see myself trialing curriculum leading opportunities, to which Kolbe has prepared me for this in my early career in teaching. In addition to this, the school has equipped me with knowledge to prepare for future developments in teaching pedagogies that will be essential for classroom teaching.

Looking back, how has your experience at Kolbe Catholic College influenced your career aspirations and the path you wish to pursue in education?

As I reflect on my experience at Kolbe Catholic College, it truly has influenced my career aspirations and the path I wish to pursue in education. I am a passionate and enthusiastic young soon-to-be graduate teacher, and I could not be more excited to continue exploring further into the education field. With the immense support from the school, I have truly found my place and vision to what I aspire to teach my students every day, to build a strong community that is rooted into the Catholic faith, and the motto of faith, courage and compassion.

Inana (Permission to Teach)

Empowering Journey: How Kolbe Catholic College Propelled My Teaching Career with Unwavering Support and Flexibility

"My placement at Kolbe allowed me to start my teaching journey. I was able to have the flexibility to study while beginning my teaching journey. Through this experience, I was able to build positive relationships not only with the students but also with the staff. The staff at Kolbe provided so much support and everyone (even if not in my subject area) was always offering guidance and support for me to improve my teaching. This Permission To Teach journey helped solidify that I was on the correct career pathway and that teaching is definitely what I am supposed to do with my life."

- Ruby (Permission to Teach)

Thriving in an Holistic Education Environment at Kolbe Catholic College: A Journey of Professional Growth and Purpose

"Choosing to complete my placement at Kolbe Catholic College was a decision based on the school's commitment to fostering a holistic educational environment. The college's dedication to integrating faith, academics, and personal growth appealed to me, aligning with my belief in the importance of a well-rounded education. During my placement, I encountered unique opportunities that significantly contributed to my professional development. Engaging in collaborative projects, participating in extracurricular activities, and witnessing the college's emphasis on character development all enriched my understanding of effective teaching methodologies. Kolbe Catholic College provided robust mentorship, abundant resources, and a welcoming school community, ensuring a seamless integration into the educational landscape. The experience not only prepared me with practical skills and knowledge but also instilled a sense of purpose in education. Looking back, my placement at Kolbe Catholic College has profoundly influenced my career aspirations, solidifying my commitment to a path in education that prioritises holistic development and values-based learning."

- Chantelle

A journey from a pre-service to first-year teacher on Permission To Teach

Hi! My name is Emilene Patrick, and I am a first-year teacher at Kolbe Catholic College on Permission To Teach, as I complete my final year in the Bachelor of Education and Arts at the Australian Catholic University.

Picture this: You're juggling with fire, sprinting a marathon, and battling a bear with your bare hands – all before your morning coffee kicks in. A hearty welcome to the exhilarating world of being a first-year teacher! Although the details may be a bit exaggerated…mastering the art of engaging and teaching a classroom full of teenagers is a constant learning process.

In 2022, I had the opportunity to complete my placement at Kolbe Catholic College – to say I entered into Reception a little excited would be an understatement.

The month spent observing, creating lesson plans and enhancing my pre-service confidence went by toofast. The many learning experiences and debriefs with other teachers allowed me to truly widen my horizons and practicum skills, as the shared wealth of knowledge, resources and cherished advice began structuring my teaching philosophy (a special shout out to my mentors!). The drive home from my last day had me reminiscent of the memories Kolbe inspired.

University tightly focuses on equipping and upholding standards of being a future educator. When being asked with the question of where this enrichment can come from, Kolbe was an immediate answer. The values of faith, courage and compassion are foundational. And now proudly re-living the experiences of engaging with students, and staff members, who make up the warm and welcoming Kolbe community continues to motivate and keep me accountable as an educator.

The beginning of this academic year has been filled with trial-and-error in various learning routines, classroom management and acclimatising my ongoing pedagogies. I can confidently say I celebrate the small wins, dissect the lowlights of the week, and enjoy the staff room coffee machine as much as possible.

The enriching influence Kolbe has shared with me, will continue to leave an ever-lasting impact.

- Emilene (Permission to Teach)

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