An extensive range of co-curricular subjects, programs and activities is provided to support and expand the central academic curriculum, to enhance learning and to allow students to experience diversity, creating interest and motivation.

We value all students equally. We work towards providing learning experiences and deliberations relevant to their age, gender, interests, stages of personal development and in response to the challenges students may encounter in adolescent life.

Our programs affirm students, acknowledge their gifts and talents and cater for the diversity of ways in which they learn.

Examples of some of the many opportunities available include:

  • Academic Competitions and Scholarship Programs (International, National, State and Regional)
  • STEM Club
  • Robotics and Coding Club
  • International Learning Tours
  • Instrumental Music Program
  • Kolbe Choir
  • College Performing Arts opportunities eg. Performance Showcase, Drama plays and Productions
  • Performing Arts CLubs
  • Sound Team
  • Kolbe Youth Group
  • Social Justice and Community Service
  • Student Leadership Program
  • Plan for the Planet Accelerated Learners Club
  • Tournament of Minds Accelerated Learners Club
  • Science Talent Search
  • Debating and Public Speaking
  • Homework Club
  • Politics Club
  • Creative Writing and Book Club
  • Sporting Academy
  • SACCSS Sport and Premier League Interschool Sport
  • National and State Sporting Competitions
  • Art and Media Exhibitions/Showcases
  • Thematic Subject Weeks (e.g. LOTE, Forensic Science, Health)
  • Year Level and Subject Based Camps and/or Retreats
  • Subject Based and Year Level Excursions
  • Year Level Reflection Days

Social Justice & Community Services
College Production

Journey in Faith


Learning Support programs