Journey in Faith

The formal Religious Education curriculum at Kolbe Catholic College opens up an explicit space for learning about Jesus Christ. The learning about Jesus is complemented with experiences of Jesus Christ in the midst of our College life. Students are encouraged to interpret scripture in a post-critical way, whilst recontextualising what it means to be Catholic in a post-modern society. In addition, students are involved in opportunities to dialogue with people from other faiths, so as to promote harmony and enrich their own faith experience.

At Year 7, students focus initially on understanding the charism of Kolbe Catholic College and St Maximilian Kolbe. Students explore a range of religious topics during the year, including the Bible, creation, the liturgical year and how to live a good life.

At Year 8, students focus initially on the life and times of Jesus. They then look at the history of the early church and some of the key figures around this time. Students explore the sacraments, different faith traditions and social justice.

The Year 9 and 10 Journey in Faith program enables students to further their knowledge, skills and understanding of Religious Education. Students study a range of units that enable them to develop their faith as well as bear witness to the values of the Catholic tradition. Each curriculum unit is in line with AusVELS, allowing our students to personally and communally engage with their faith, showcase their religious knowledge and understanding, and demonstrate the skills of reasoning and responding.

The Years 11 and 12 Religious Education programmes aim to:

  • provide Religious Education offerings suitable for senior students
  • promote learning experiences that explore the academic, faith and spiritual content of Religious Education in the Catholic tradition
  • provide students with a worldview that is informed by Catholic beliefs and values in relation to God, life-giving relationships, justice and the pursuit of what is good, right and true in their culture and world
  • let students discuss and reflect upon ethical and social issues facing adolescents in light of the Christian and Catholic faiths in a pluralistic world
  • provide opportunities for students to explore their Catholic identity and enhance their understanding of the Gospel Values

Student Pathways