Performing Arts

Performing Arts

Learning in the Performing Arts prepares students for life-long creative involvement, building their confidence in presenting and performing for others. Through the study of Drama, Music and Dance, students learn how to express themselves artistically and to communicate their emotions. As 21st century performers, they also learn how to produce works digitally and how to record their works using a range of technologies. Students explore and review past and contemporary works as a means of inspiration while tapping into culture and community expression. In state-of-the-art and purpose-built rooms, students in Years 7 & 8 undertake foundational learning while students from Year 9 onwards undertake more personalised learning through semester-based electives and year long senior courses.

The latest development stage of the College has seen the introduction of specialist Dance, Drama, Music and Digital Music spaces. These spaces include band and music tuition rooms, a professional dance studio, a recording studio and a range of contemporary performance spaces. The College Stadium is fitted with specialist lighting and sound systems. These resources are complemented by the magnificent adjoining stage area of significant size, providing performance area, curtains and ICT projection, side storage and dressing rooms.

Events such as the annual performance evening and productions, providing the opportunity for students of all skill sets to be involved both on stage and behind the scenes on a technical level.


Kolbe Catholic College has a large Instrumental and Ensemble Music Program, which provides tuition on voice, piano, guitar, bass guitar and drums. The program is open to all students in Years 7-12.

The Music Department has engaged the services of external music tutors who deliver music lessons on a weekly basis to our students. Lessons conducted during the day are of 25 minutes duration and are based on a rotational timetable so that students do not miss the same classes every week. Fixed lessons of 30 minutes duration are available before and after school.

The Instrumental Music Program at Kolbe Catholic College in an ensemble-based program. Students undertaking music lessons have the opportunity to attend regular rehearsals of an ensemble(s), which they are placed in either through their tutor’s recommendation or by audition.

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