Peer Support Program

As part of the school transition program, the Peer Support Program is designed to enable senior students in Year 10 to work regularly with small groups of younger students starting out in Year 7. The Year 10 Leaders are training in the program for two days before we begin working with the year 7’s. They are responsible for leading groups of the younger students through the program content and activities, including getting to know you activities, goal setting, group decision-making, problem solving, anti-bullying strategies and the development of support networks. The Peer Support program runs for ten weeks across Terms One and Two, under the supervision of the Year 7 classroom teachers.

Aims of the Peer Support Program

  • To improve the sense of community within the school.
  • To promote a more supportive environment.
  • To enhance self-awareness, self-esteem and communication skills.
  • To provide a comfortable situation in which to develop trust and encourage the sharing of ideas and feelings in a non-judgmental atmosphere.
  • To increase awareness of individual responsibility.
  • To provide strategies whereby junior students are able to deal with negative peer pressure.
  • To provide senior students with the opportunity to develop their leadership skills in a way which benefits them and the school.

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