As this term draws to a close, our students get closer and closer to the end of the year. For some, this finish line is a lot closer and begins these school holidays with year 12 students undertaking trial exams, while for students in other year levels, exams can seem like a distant hurdle to cross. Whether exams are near or far, the best time to begin working toward these is now.

For our year 12 students, these school holidays are an excellent opportunity to recover some energy after a long term of hard work and another chance to further refine and improve.

Parents can support their children studying over the break in the following ways:

Stay Informed and Involved: Make sure you are aware of your child's schedule and ensure they attend the year 12 trial exams. These exams are a crucial step in their preparation for the end-of-year exams in October. Not only do they give students a taste of what the final VCAA exams will be like in the exam hall, but they also provide an opportunity for additional subject-specific practice. Furthermore, teachers' feedback from these exams can be invaluable for your child's improvement.

Balance is Key: Encourage a healthy balance between rest and study. It's essential for your child's mental well-being and academic success. If you notice your child is spending an excessive amount of time on one side of the scale, whether it's socializing, recreational activities, or intense studying, help them create a well-structured study plan. This plan should include dedicated time for relaxation and social interaction. Striking this equilibrium can lead to a more productive and happier student.

Open Communication: Maintain open lines of communication with your child. Ask them about their goals, concerns, and challenges. Offer your support and guidance without undue pressure. Sometimes, a simple conversation can help them clarify their objectives and alleviate any stress they may be experiencing.

Create a Supportive Environment: Ensure your home environment is conducive to studying. Provide a quiet and comfortable space where your child can focus without distractions. Stock up on study supplies, such as stationery and reference materials, to facilitate their learning.

Lead by Example: Be a role model for effective time management and stress management. Your child can learn valuable life skills from observing how you handle your own responsibilities and challenges.

Remember, each student has a unique approach to studying and managing stress. Tailor your support to your child's individual needs, and always remind them that you are there to help them succeed, every step of the way. With your encouragement and guidance, they can navigate the challenges of the school year with confidence and resilience.

Adam Gonzalez
Deputy Principal - Learning & Teaching

From the Deputy Principal: Students


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