When the 20th of May arrived, the Year 12s were super excited to attend their Year 12 Formal at Meadowbank Receptions in Broadmeadows.  This beautiful venue provided the backdrop for a lovely evening of dancing, delicious food and lots and lots of photographs to capture the moment.

Thank you to all those staff who attended on the night and Mr. Scully for holding the event. A special mention needs to go out to Mr. Calleja, Mrs O'Callaghan and Mr. Widdicombe for their organisation of the evening.

Our two Vice Captains, Gabriella Tortosa and Yousif Shemiss provide a student perspective of the night below.

Samantha Mizzi
Director of Students, Senior Years

On 20th May our Year 12 cohort attended the eagerly anticipated formal at the picturesque, Meadowbank Receptions. We were all elegantly dressed to impress; students’ dresses and suits were well put together, in an array of colours, designs and fabrics.

The night was full of laughter, dancing, photo taking and some eating too. Both students and teachers enjoyed themselves, with a chance to enjoy a dance or two (or ten), capture moments and friendships through photos and spend time outside of the classroom with friends and teachers.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Scully and the College for staging this event. After the past couple of years, and the lack of opportunity to attend such social events, to be part of such an outstanding evening is something we as a cohort won’t forget in years to come. I’m sure my fellow peers enjoyed themselves just as much as I did.

By Gabriella Tortosa
College Vice Captain

It was on Friday afternoon, May 20th, when the excited year 12 cohort left school to prepare for the most special evening of the year. It was this evening that the year 12 formal was hosted, and many attended.

Everyone arrived nicely clothed ready to party and have fun. It started like a normal gathering which later turned to a place memorable for years to come as the music played and people joined in to dance. The dance floor was full of people as everyone warmed up to the music and people started dancing with their friends. Looking around it was great to see so many familiar faces all smiling with enjoyment. Students and teachers all having fun, dancing, conversing, and capturing memories with their cameras.

This evening was one of the best days of the year for all who attended and left us all smiling still enchanted by the music.

By Yousif Shemiss
College Vice Captain

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