Winter Prayer

Dear God,

Be the strength in other’s words
that they may be kind and honest
with no intent to steal the spirit of others.

Be the strength in my words
that they do not willingly hurt others
just as I have wished them not to hurt me.

It comforts me to know that You
have such far reaching, kind-hearted,
Fatherly love for us.

Even in this networked world we live in
Your love knows no limit.

Help me keep logged into Your powerful love
and signed out from harshness to others.


St Vincent de Paul, good works, Peace Out Issue 5. Pg 15.
Author unknown

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Upcoming Events

July 3 2022Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Sunday
July 3-10 2022NAIDOC WEEK
July 20 2022Frassati House Feast Day Mass
August 3 2022Frassati House Feast Day Mass
August 12 2022Kolbe Feast Day Mass and Celebrations

Year 12 Reflection Day

A few weeks ago, our Year 12 Students participated in a day of discussions, role plays, and fun ably led by the Youth Mission Team of Melbourne. The themes and outcomes of the day were:   Life Choices

  1. Students will recognise the importance of being true to their values, even when this meets with resistance.
  2. Students will realise that a good decision in one that values both themselves and others.
  3. Students will learn that developing a personal relationship with Jesus enables God to use us to respond to the needs of others.

From a teacher’s perspective it was wonderful to see our young leaders of the school have this chance to disconnect from technology and their studies for this day and to engage in a social activity that required speaking, listening, dialogue, thinking and most importantly, the chance to explore personal directions in the area of faith. Our student leaders were respectful and engaged throughout the sessions which culminated in a beautiful Prayer Liturgy at the conclusion of the day.

Thank you to everyone involved in the running of this day and a special thanks for the students and their mature involvement in all the activities. The future is in good hands!

Last Sunday in his angelus address Pope Francis stated,

“The One and Triune God, dear brothers and sisters, must be manifested in this way – with deeds rather than words. God, who is the author of life, is transmitted not so much through books as through witness of life.”
Pope Francis

What we do and how we treat people speaks volumes about our relationship with our loving God. Jesus taught us that people we will know we are followers of Christ by our love for each other. I pray that everyone in the Kolbe community can continue to love and support each other and bring out the best in each other.

We know that some people in our community may need some extra support from time to time so please know that we are here for you and there is always someone to help. We are not alone in this journey of life; we have this wonderful community to support us. Please feel free to contact me if I can be of any assistance.

Have a wonderful term break and stay safe,

God bless you and your family,

Caith Malone
Director Faith and Mission

From the Principal


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