As part of the College’s ongoing commitment to support the social and emotional learning of our senior students, the College organised a Year 10 Wellbeing Day run by Your Choicez, which focussed on fostering positive relationships with the opposite sex. Students spent the day in gender specific groups, listening to and interacting with the presenters who talked through some of the issues, expectations and challenges facing our young men and women and how this impacts them in their various relationships; with family, friends, and in society in general.

In the evening, the group gathered again to eat a delicious 3 course meal and dance the night away at Melrose Receptions.

Allison Paculba (Year 10) provides a more personal account of these two school events below.

Samantha Mizzi
Director of Students, Senior Years

Wellbeing Day

On the 17th June 2022, the Year 10 Kolbe students embarked on a wonderful and educative day with Your Choicez looking at gender roles. Students were separated by gender. I attended the girl seminar which focused on positive relationships, women empowerment, consent, and other issues relevant to young women in today’s society that will help us now and into the future; it truly was a unique and entertaining experience.

Our presenter, Beck, travels around Australia presenting and guiding female students through adolescence to young adulthood, hoping to make the transition much easier. She spoke with confidence and shared information about herself; such as her family life, childhood experiences and people she had encountered throughout her teenage years. One thing that really resonated with me was when she said “It’s okay to ask for help.”

This sentence may be very obvious to most however some may find it a difficult task to achieve.

She told us personal stories about risk-taking behaviour and through this helped put into perspective some of the challenges and issues we might face, because as we grow up, as I’m already experiencing, sometimes it’s hard to open up and say you need help or guidance.

Year 10 Dinner 2022

At night, our cohort celebrated our learning with a Formal which consisted of a dinner, fancy outfits and a whole lot of dancing. Having this event on one of our last days of the term was refreshing and gave many students the motivation to push through Exam Week a few weeks earlier. The Year 10 Dinner has been a topic of discussion amongst our peers even before teachers, like Ms Relf, mentioned it.

The venue, Melrose Reception, was beautiful and the weather was clear and although it was a bit cold this was no issue because we were inside. It was a great venue and served as a backdrop for many photos and videos. Even some of the teachers got dressed up to come and join us. The Dinner was a way for students to build on existing friendships, and relationships and even create new bonds with the entire cohort. The year 10 Dinner was truly a night to remember.

Reflection by Allison Paculba, Year 10

Year 12 Formal


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