Our statue of St. Maximilian Kolbe is finally installed.

Nick Scully, Principal

Dear Members of the Kolbe Catholic College Community

The installation of this statue is the first key step in the development of the College’s Catholic iconography. The master plan for the Greenvale campus outlines a vision for three significant pieces of iconography, representing Jesus, Mary and St. Maximilian Kolbe. With St. Max installed at the centre of the school, the next steps of the master plan include placing a statue of Mary in the reflection garden at the rear of the Chapel, and installing a cross on ‘Mt. Kolbe’, the highest point on the college grounds, a visible sign of our Catholicity beyond the College walls.

The intentions and design of this new statue has been a long time in development. The Franciscan focus is evident in the representation of St. Maximilian. He is depicted wearing the traditional Franciscan robe, rope belt and sandals. Whilst he is most well known for his sacrifice at Auschwitz, it is his Franciscan Charism that we wanted to emphasise.

His placement at ground level, without a plinth or any form of elevation is designed to show he is relatable, approachable and importantly, welcoming. This same value is visualised through his outstretched arms, welcoming each of us but also inviting interaction. This was another key focus of the statue, staff and students should be able to interact with St. Maximilian in a prayerful and respectful manner. All the House Patrons of our school were chosen due to their modern and relatable nature and St. Maximilian is the epitome of this, having been canonised in 1982.

The countenance of St. Maximilian Kolbe was of considerable importance. His face was to show peace and warmth, his story is not a joyful one but his belief that ‘only love creates’ is depicted in his expression.

Finally, passages from the Gospels and Franciscan quotes are inscribed in the paving and on panels encircling the statue, emphasising the values of St. Maximilian and the values we hope you, our students, will embody.

We look forward to the official blessing of this statue on our Feast Day on 14 August.

We held a whole school assembly last week. I asked some staff to provide names of students who are contributing positively to the life of Kolbe and I read out their names and their contribution. The names are listed below. There will, of course, be many students that I missed. I hope we might be able to recognise them in future assemblies. We thank and congratulate:

Year 7

Charlotte Livori

Tafadzwa Chinamaringa

Year 8

Emma Canteri

Eva Morello

Alana Summit

Dishita Sharma

Enrico Virgona

Yuan Salvan

Year 9

Bonnie Tran

Jaydina Humphreys

Jessica Wright

Vansee Anam

Year 10

Anita Mjuka

Mathi Jayaramanrani

Chelsea Hook

Georgia Fotiou

Nathan Katigbak

Rhien Clements

Uthish Saravanan

Year 11

Alexander Munoz

Caleb Katigbak

Clarissa Garcia

Adriana Yousif

Darin Yadako

Angela Dawood

Jennifer Jarjis

Paras Virdi

Year 12

Charina Daniel

Grace Elisha

Kobi Tirant

JC Torrijos

Maisee Vue

Marlet Sadah

Lenarda Ibrahim

Matthew Pennelli

Melodi El Sheikh

John Roco

Natasha Bato

Sebastian Raschilla

Finally, we remind students and staff to keep safe during this cold, flu, and COVID-19 season, by covering coughs and sneezes with a tissue or your elbow and washing hands often with soap and water for 20 seconds. Hard surfaces at the College are being regularly cleaned.

Students are encouraged to carry a face mask with them. The College is ensuring enclosed spaces are well ventilated and have operable air purifiers, but students may wish to wear a mask as well.

If your child is unwell, please keep them at home and if required, contact a doctor or health centre for guidance. The Department of Health recommends students use Rapid Antigen Test (RAT), if symptomatic.

Parents are asked to contact the school to notify of your child’s absence by calling 8339 3060 and press 1 to leave a message. In your message, please clearly state your child’s name and Pastoral Care (PC) group.

If a student tests positive to Covid, please call the absentee line and also email covid@kolbecc.catholic.edu.au to advise of their positive status, the date of the positive test and when they were last on site.

Nick Scully

From the Deputy Principal: Staff