Early Entry Programs

Early entry programs enable universities to make course offers to Year 12 students based on factors other than just the ATAR. You can apply for as many early entry programs as you like, and most course offers can be deferred. Year 12 students are encouraged to meet with Ms Williams to map out the best early entry programs to apply for based on their course interests.

The following universities have early entry programs open:

  • Swinburne University
  • RMIT University
  • La Trobe University
  • Victoria University - VU

Early Entry Schemes at Latrobe - Aspire

La Trobe has two early admission programs that are open for Year 12 students:


Round 2 applications are now open. Selection is based on:

  • Year 11 grades
  • An endorsement from your school

Successful applicants will be eligible to receive a conditional ATAR free offer. The conditions are:

  • Complete Year 12
  • Achieve course prerequisites.
  • Preference the course correctly via the Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC).

Not all courses are eligible. Rolling offers will be made until the closing date.


Applications are now open. Selection is based on a statement about your community service/leadership history. Successful applicants will receive an early conditional offer. The conditions are:

  1. Complete Year 12
  2. Achieve course prerequisites.
  3. Achieve the minimum ‘Aspire ATAR’ for the course.
  4. Preference the course correctly via the Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC).

All courses are eligible and rolling offers will be made. Applications close Friday 1 September.

Information on both programs - www.latrobe.edu.au/study/aspire

*Applicants must meet course prerequisites and complete Year 12 to receive a formal offer.

VU Guaranteed is now open

VU Guaranteed, Victoria University’s early entry program, is now open for Year 11 and 12 students at Victorian High Schools! VU Guaranteed offers students a guaranteed place at Victoria University (VU) or Victoria University Polytechnic (VU Polytechnic), prior to the completion Year 12 exams. Your successful VU Guaranteed students will also receive:

  • an EdUnlimed membership giving you free access to study resources
  • 5 bonus aggregate ATAR points for courses that consider ATAR as part of the selection process*
  • a conditional course offer˄
  • tailored course advice in the lead up to exams and once results are released
  • special VIP opportunities at VU events
  • exclusive discounts with UniLodge Victoria University.

VU are looking for applicants who embody the values of Victoria University; progressive, forward thinking, inclusive and bold! As part of the application, students will be asked to tell us a little about themselves through answering the following questions.

  1. Why do you want to study at VU?
  2. How do you contribute to your community, school or family?
  3. Who inspires you to succeed?
  4. How would studying at VU help you to make a difference in the world?

Visit the website now to find out more or direct students to apply:


Early Entry @ Swinburne University

Early Entry Program at Swinburne lets you apply sooner and without your ATAR. You will need answer the following questions;

  1. How do you think people can work in collaboration with technology to create a better world?
  2. Describe how your education and any extracurricular activities, work experiences, or other responsibilities have prepared you for a course at Swinburne
  3. Explain why you believe this course will assist you in achieving your career goals, and help you make a difference in the world


RMIT – Early Offer Program

Use your experience to secure an early spot in your dream course at RMIT.

Are you a Year 12 student who has experience being a leader, working with different people, showcasing your creativity or making an impact in the tech world?

In 2023, your hobbies, weekend projects and passions can be considered alongside your ATAR. Through RMIT’s Early Offer program, your life experience outside the classroom can count towards your dream associate or bachelor’s degree, allowing you to be accepted on a lower ATAR and taking some of the pressure off your final year at high school.

It’s part of RMIT's commitment to diversity and equitable learning, and it means you’ll get your conditional uni offer in September.


Useful Resources for Subject Selections & Deciding on Future Courses

Tertiary Admission Centres

State-based Tertiary Admission Centres process course applications on behalf of universities, some TAFE institutes, and some private providers. You can research courses, prerequisites, selection criteria and ATAR profiles for the 2023 intake. Courses for the 2024 intake will be updated mid-year but you can use the archived information as a guide.

Websites are listed below:

NSW & ACTwww.uac.edu.au
SA & NTwww.satac.edu.au

Australia wide search

Course Seeker is a fantastic website that enables students to explore courses for each state on the one website.

You can research courses, prerequisites, selection criteria and ATAR profiles for the 2024 intake. Course information for the 2024 intake will be updated later in the year, www.courseseeker.edu.au


MySkills is the national directory of vocational education (VET) organisations and courses.

You can search for courses or occupations and use a location search.

You can also browse courses and occupations by industries such as health & community services, manufacturing & engineering, and arts & culture, www.myskills.gov.au

Tax File Number (TFN): If you don’t have a TFN, you will need to apply for one via the Australian Tax Office - www.ato.gov.au - Tax File numbers are needed when you begin work, to open a bank account & to enrol in further studies after year 12.

Performing Arts


Year 12 Wellbeing Presentation on Sleep