The Term One holidays will offer a fantastic opportunity to rest and recuperate after a busy term

Tracey Kift -Deputy Principal

As Term One draws to a close, many students may be finding themselves feeling particularly tired; which isn’t surprising when you consider that this term has been the longest period of consecutive face-to-face learning they have had since 2019. And while most students have clearly been pleased to have a more normal term and to be back learning with their friends, many are also finding themselves having to re-build their social stamina.

Research tells us that people with larger and more complex social networks tend to have a larger amygdala – the part of the brain responsible for processing emotion. Social interaction also supports memory and verbal recall, given that human beings are social creatures who require interactive stimulation to keep their brains healthy. After two years of prolonged lockdowns and reduced social interaction, many adolescents are having to make a significant social readjustment, learning how to reallocate and manage the energy required by the social environment of school.

The Term One holidays will offer a fantastic opportunity to rest and recuperate after a busy term, as well as to set up good routines to help students continue the work of rebuilding their social stamina in Term 2. In particular, students should:

  • Focus on balance: Establishing routines that give students regular time for homework and study, social interaction, and ‘down-time’ will allow them time to regain their social stamina.
  • Protect food, sleep and being active: Eating healthy and colourful food; getting enough good quality sleep (around 8-10 hours a night for teenagers); and doing regular physical activity/exercise support the development of social stamina and strength
  • Think about mindset: Everyone will likely to be re-adjusting to social networks and interactions, at least to some extent. It’s going to take time for all young people to adjust, build up their social stamina and refine their social skills again. Encourage young people to be patient with themselves and their peers as they all reacclimatise to ‘normal’ social demands
  • Limit social media: While many young people may mistake social media for social interaction, research shows that social media encourages shallow social ties and is linked to a decline in young people’s empathy for others. Encourage young people to trade screens for face-to-face interaction in order to support their development of social stamina.

Student Leadership Coordinators

Congratulations to Mr Daniel Mackertich and Ms Jessica Pendlebury who were appointed this term as Student Leadership Co-coordinators. They will be working closely with our Year 11 and 12 Student Leaders, including supporting the House Captains to coordinate a program of House Activities through Extended Pastoral Care.

Student Senate

Next term, students in Years 7-11 will have the opportunity to apply to be part of a new student leadership group - the Student Senate. The Student Senate will enhance and expand the leadership opportunities for students at Kolbe, enabling them to participate in decisions affecting them, and build leadership and communication skills through project-based tasks.

One representative from each Pastoral Care group from Year 7-11 will participate, meeting once a fortnight to discuss, plan and present proposals for significant change processes in the College.

In Week One of Term 2, students interested in being a part of this exciting new initiative will be invited to submit a brief expression of interest to their Pastoral Care Teacher and Year Level Leader, outlining:

  1. Why they want to be involved in the Student Senate
  2. What they believe they would contribute to the Student Senate

Students will be selected based on the following demonstrated attributes:

  • Commitment
  • Communication skills
  • Critical and/or creative thinking skills
  • Capacity to catch up on missed class work

Romero House Feast Day Mass and Celebration

Congratulations to the students of Romero House for a wonderful Romero House Mass and Celebration on March 9th, the first of our 6 House Masses for 2022. Thank you to Director of Faith and Mission, Caith Malone and House Leader, Ashleigh Pereira for the organisation of this celebration, Fr Dishan for celebrating a beautiful Mass, and to the students of Romero House for the respectful and reverent way in which they participated.

As we come to the end of a busy and productive Term One, we wish all students and families a blessed Easter and a restful and safe term break.

Mrs Tracey Kift
Deputy Principal

Faith and Community


Learning and Teaching