Wednesday February 22nd - Thursday April 6th 2023

Loving God,

As we continue this Lenten season,

We pray for your guidance as we walk with Jesus on his journey to Jerusalem.

We acknowledge those with the heaviest of burdens and with Jesus’ guidance,

We can reflect on how we can support others during this time; by listening, showing compassion and carrying some of the burdens that weigh each of us down.

Lord, let us always remember you are always with us,

Loving each of us, personally.


The Faith Life of Kolbe Catholic College has begun in a big way.

The Opening College Mass was a great success, it was fantastic to see the staff and students of Kolbe mark this occasion in a profoundly spiritual way.

Each house marked Ash Wednesday with a liturgy, ably led by the Student Leaders who took responsibility during this sacred occasion. I also take this opportunity to thank the House Leaders who facilitated the celebration of each liturgy.

Last week all our Year 7 students were involved in a Reflection Day, facilitated by YMT. The sessions were a great opportunity to reflect, bond and even have some fun. I commend the students for their involvement and behaviour throughout the day and thank the staff for their involvement.

Dunlop Feast Day was celebrated on Wednesday 8 March with a Mass presided over by Fr. Dishan Canndapa. Afterwards, the students of Dunlop house enjoyed a snack provided by the college.

I look forward to celebrating the life of St. Oscar Romero on Romero’s Feast Day on the 22nd of March.

Next week, we will have student leaders represent Kolbe Catholic College at St. Patrick’s Day Mass as part of Catholic Education Week. We will celebrate Mass with all the Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Melbourne.

Finally, we will conclude our term with an Easter Liturgy, an opportunity to reflect on the meaning of Jesus’ death and resurrection in our own lives.

Rob Dellar
Director of Faith & Community



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