YEAR 12 STUDENTS - Apply for university now!

To be eligible for the early admission programs listed for Victoria, you will need to do the following:

• Step 1: apply for the courses via the early entry program direct to the universities and complete any required forms.

• Step 2: add the courses to your Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC) preference list from Monday 1 August

• La Trobe University - Aspire Early Admission Program

• Swinburne University - Early Entry Program

• RMIT University - Early Offer program

• Victoria University - VU Guaranteed

• Federation University - Early offer program

Focus on Open Days

If you are considering studying at TAFE or university after school, it is crucial that you attend Open Days. Throughout the year, vocational and tertiary institutions open their doors to the public and showcase their courses, accommodation, scholarships, pathway courses, student services and their ‘point of difference’.

At an Open Day, you will be able to:

Compare the course area you are interested in at different institutions

Speak directly to student ambassadors and lecturers about the courses or careers you are interested in

Learn about courses and career options

Get a feel for the culture of the campus

Undertake campus and accommodation tours led by current students

Attend information sessions and workshops

Get course counselling and guidance

Watch live demonstrations

Learn about sports and societies you can join and be active in

Listen to bands, eat lots of food, participate in activities and have fun!

Don’t just pick a course at an institution without visiting the campus – you potentially will be spending several years studying there and spending tens of thousands of dollars on your course and accommodation. It’s worth making the effort.

Suggested questions

Now is the perfect time to identify institutions you would like to visit, found out their open day dates and download their open day programs. Once you have the programs, make a list of the information sessions you would like to attend or create an online planner. If you have time, try and attend information sessions on topics like pathways, scholarships, accommodation and overseas exchange programs.

If you are unsure what to ask on the day, Victoria University has developed some questions you can ask:

Are there any prerequisite subjects I need to study for this course?

Can I study majors and/or minors in this course?

What study scores/ATAR do I need to achieve to get into this course?

How many hours per week are spent in class and can I study part time?

Do I need to attend an audition, have an interview or present a folio as part of the selection process?

If I can’t get into this course, is there a similar course at this institution I can apply for?

Are there any other ways into this course other than through a VTAC application?

What kind of jobs do graduates of this course generally get?

Can I defer the course?

Are there any scholarships available?

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