This term in Year 9 English - The Classics, students have been reading and analysing a variety of classic poetry. Through their immersion into the world of Classic poetry, their teacher Elizabeth Psaila, has fostered a fun, imaginative and creative culture in the classroom. Students have used what they have learned in this unit of work to create their own poems and demonstrate how they were inspired to write. Below is a sample of student work from The Classics class:

Riley Simpson

Time's Unforgivingness

The relentless, unforgiving minute.
Whether it's for an always loved lost life,
Or for perplexing realisations,
Or for a confessing, treasured one's strife
Time will not give back for any action.

The seemingly never-ending decades,
Perceived as fulfilled with good and bad times,
Known to provide and take one's possessions,
Known to flaunt one’s life successes at times,
Taking pride in all, but no concession.

Seemingly granted when with our loved ones,
Or never-ending in regretful times,
Whilst the same 60 seconds in minutes,
Throughout all one’s life enjoyments and strife,
The relentless, unforgiving minute,
Never returning, no one deserving.

Statement of Intention

I made this poem with a message of people taking things for granted and I wanted to emphasise the main one, Time. Whilst highlighting the fact that people take time for granted, I focused on what people want time back for.

Isabella Taylor

When two oceans collide

The colors of hope would rise when combined.

When thy hope land meets the heart of the sea -

Only those who shine will be found on time.

As the earth moves you’re on my side, you see.

Seas rise as yet you’re the one I can see

The sins that grow will still shape before

I cant resist the shock you gave me -

The taste of you makes me craving for more.

You’re blue yet stabbed me countless times before -

You’re yellow, still my friend, but now my foe -

You’re red, carrying the half of me to sea -

Your love is inevitable yet wild.

You sucked me in until I once died.

Skies only meet when two oceans collide.

Statement of intention

My poem is called “When Two Oceans Collide." It is based on the poem Sonnet 116 about love, with a twist to it. It is also inspired by the Romeo and Juliet prologue and the way that they are destined to death. The target audience is for survivors of abuse and for people who are experiencing abuse in their life. The rhyming structure is ABAB, AA, it is also a sonnet like sonnet 116.

Frankie Massa

The Drip Finally Stops

The weight of my head heavy,

My shoulder drops.

I drown in the disquiet,

The drip finally stops.

The void latches onto me,

And I feel my lungs sting;

Blackness fills my body,

I could feel my heart wring.

But I beg to escape this abyss,

So much tension, my mind pops.

The void traps me like goo,

But soon, the drip finally stops.

“Is it terrifying?” I had asked,

I wasn't ready to go to the other side,

It had looked cold and silent,

Oh how I wanted to flee, to hide.

But you smiled, and told me no.

“There is no other side.” My heartrate flops,

The sludge then surrounds you,

Then you’d said “The drip finally stops.”

No, I thought, this shan't be my fate,

I ran and I ran until my legs turned to muck;

I tried to escape this horrifying death,

But its hands latched onto me, I was now stuck.

I choked on the nothingness that is me,

My fimble body rests it goes and slops,

Maybe now I can be at peace;

Alas, the drip finally stops.

Statement of Intention

When creating my poem “The Drip Finally Stops”, I was filled with inspiration by one of my favorite shows, 'Bojack Horseman', specifically the episode “The View from Halfway Down”. The poem is about when Herb talks about the afterlife, confronting Bojack with mortality and his fears of what comes next, about how facing the afterlife and the unknown is quite terrifying. As someone with the fear of what happens after you die, I can really relate to this poem.

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