VCE and VCE VET Unit Four Examinations

Last week students commenced their participation in the VCAA VCE/VCE VET Unit Four Examinations. All students are to be congratulated on their participation in these and on their industrious approach to their studies. The examinations continue over the coming weeks. The College sends its best wishes to all students involved in these assessments.

Year 10 and VCE Unit Two Examinations

Students enrolled in VCE Unit Two and Year 10 will complete examinations on the following dates:

  • VCE Unit Two: Friday 5 November 2021 - Friday 12 November 2021
  • Year 10: Monday 22 November 2021 - Thursday 25 November 2021

Students are to refer to the previously released Examination Timetables for all details associated with the assessments. Subject Teachers continue to provide students with access to a range of revision materials and workshops to support their preparation. The College sends its best wishes to all students involved in these assessments.

Year 12 2022 Pre Start Program

All students enrolled in Year 12 in 2022 will participate in a Pre Start Program from Monday 15 November 2021 until the conclusion of Tuesday 23 November 2021. As part of the program, students will be introduced to key components of all subject areas and engage in key skill building and formal coursework. The program will be essential to preparing students for success in 2022.

2022 Learning Resource Catalogues and Suggested Stationery Lists

Families will receive the 2022 Learning Resource Catalogue for their children over the coming week. The Learning Resource Catalogue contains a list of the required materials that will support student learning both in and outside of the classroom in 2022. The materials listed for each subject have been incorporated into the learning design of each course, making them essential for student participation. Families will notice that many of the materials listed are digital in nature. Through rigorous research and investigation, these materials have proven to be the best for enhancing student learning outcomes and providing support for individuals whilst complementing the digital platform upon which courses are delivered.

Families of students in Years 7-10 will receive an additional suggested stationery list with their Learning Resource Catalogue. The items on this list are categorised per subject and can be purchased by families to support student learning if they choose. In purchasing these items there is no set brand or style recommended.

2022 Learning Schedules and Elective Allocations

Students in Years 9-12 in 2022 will receive their Learning Schedules and Elective Confirmation Lists over the next week. These contain an overview of the programs/electives that students have selected for the 2022 Academic Year.

Questions associated with Learning Schedules are to be directed to Anthony Schepis (Years 10-12 2022) or Abigail Bose (Year 9 2022).

College Photos

All College Photo Packages have arrived at the College and will be disseminated to families via the Pastoral Care Teacher. These packages include Student ID Cards and any images ordered.

Applications - 2022 Academic Scholarship and Ignite Program

The College received an overwhelming number of applications for the 2022 Academic Scholarships and the Ignite Program. Letters have been released to all applicants providing their status for 2022. Families with questions associated with the Academic Scholarship Program are to make contact with Dane Calleja and families with questions associated with the Ignite Program are to make contact with Debbie Bradshaw.

Student Wellbeing


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