Originally established in 2019, the Kolbe Youth Group was reintroduced in Term 2 of 2020. This initiative intends to create a shared space for exploration and discussion regarding Scripture, as well as the relationship between modern day social issues/topics and the Catholic faith.

We aim to facilitate and engage young people in conversations about these integral elements of their faith journeys, enabling them to ask questions and seek answers to assist them in understanding the Church’s teachings on these points of interest. We also endeavour to take what the students have learnt in their Journey in Faith lessons into context, that is through interpreting scripture and essentially exploring what Jesus is trying to teach us.

With a strong student choice and opinion that directs the focal point of each lunchtime session, as a group we truly seek to hear and know the young person’s voice through this group.

Students across all year levels are encouraged and welcomed to come along.

Ms Ruth Yousif
Journey in Faith and Humanities Teacher 

Kolbe Catholic College introduced its very own Kolbe Youth Group in 2019. This year, our Kolbe Youth Group is held every Thursday during our lunchtimes. We partake in conversations which help us all gain better understandings of others as it truly allows us to open our minds to views held by others and reach a level of mutual respect for those who hold different perceptions than our very own.

Kolbe Youth Group doesn’t only serve as an avenue of establishing and strengthening friendships, it serves as a method to inspire students to seek their own truths by discovering and learning more about themselves.

Chris Ferrao & Taulogomai Aii Year 12

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