Progress update: Lead School Announcement

The Kolbe Respectful Relationships Implementation team is pleased to provide an update on the progress of the Respectful Relationships program. From this time, Respectful Relationships will become a regular feature in the Kolbe newsletter to ensure families are familiar with our goals and aims.

At Kolbe Catholic College, we believe that a good education is about more than achieving good grades - it is also about learning to become a positive member of the community. Knowing how to create and maintain respectful relationships with others is key to achieving this. The Victorian Government’s Respectful Relationships program, or “RR”, supports school staff and community to promote respect and equality and teach our students the skills required to build healthy relationships, resilience and confidence.

This year, Kolbe Catholic College became a Lead School for Respectful Relationships implementation in our region. This means that the College RR implementation team will seek to support partner schools throughout the region in navigating their own Respectful Relationships journey. For the remainder of the 2021 school year, our implementation team will be focusing on increasing community understanding of the program, so that you know what to expect when the program is introduced to classrooms in 2022. We will also be reviewing school policies and communications to ensure that we are not only teaching content in classes but also supporting the RR message in every aspect of College life and therefore taking widespread, sustainable steps towards creating an environment of equality and respect.

To assist in answering common questions about the program, the Respectful Relationships update will include common myths about the program, samples of activities to be undertaken in class and suggestions for how you might like to continue this learning at home with your child.

We look forward to sharing our RR journey with you.

None of the activities in the Respectful Relationships curriculum teach students to feel ashamed or victimized. Respectful Relationships promotes respect and equality and helps all students, regardless of gender, to learn how to build healthy relationships with others.

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