On Friday 14 October we farewelled our 2022 Year 12 Cohort. The day began with an uplifting assembly where the whole school were able to celebrate the achievements of our Year 12s, recognising academic and sporting excellence and merit, as well as recognising individual leadership, service and commitment of Kolbe’s values and ethos. To open the proceedings, School photos of each student projected on the screen, the entire school community able to see the physical transformation of each student, from the innocent Year 7s who entered the gates in 2017 to the mature young men and women who were about to depart. There was a changing of the College Captains, as the current School Leaders said goodbye and welcomed in the College Captains for 2023, a Director of Students and Principal’s address, as well as a presentation of the Year 12 Gift to the College by the College Captains to Mr Scully. To conclude the assembly, the Year 12s reminisced as the Year 12 Student Film was shown, attempting to capture 6 years of schooling in just 3 minutes. As it played, the Year 12s giggled and cheered, reliving fond memories of school camps, presentation nights, school production, retreats, formals, and daily school life.

That evening, 153 Year 12s and their families, along with Kolbe Staff, shared mass with Father Deshan, where, as a community we prayed for our Year 12 students. We prayed for focus and support as many prepared to sit their final examinations, while for those already finished, we prayed for protection and courage, as they begin the next chapter of their journey outside the familiar walls of Kolbe.

After mass, the formal proceedings of Graduation were underway. After hearing a heartfelt reflection of their experience at Kolbe, from our College Vice Captain, Gabriella Tortosa and her mother, families, friends, staff and peers cheered and clapped as House after House, students’ names were called and they proudly came up to receive their Year 12 Certificate. After the formalities, a lovely supper was shared where students fluttered excitedly between friendship groups, families and classmates, taking selfies, using the Kolbe Photo booth, capturing this milestone moment for future nostalgia, exchanging graduation gifts and thanking staff for their ongoing support, not just throughout the year, but over the course of their schooling at Kolbe.

Finally, on Monday, the College gathered on the oval to send the Year 12s off one last time, as they rounded the 100 meters straight to watch the Year 12s partake in the costume parade, a now intrenched tradition for the Year 12’s last day before they go off to work, study for exams or a long-awaited break. At the end of the parade the Year 12s shared a final breakfast, sharing tears, more selfies, hugs, laughs and memories before walking through the gates one last time as students at Kolbe.

Once again, I’d like to thank Mr Scully and the Leadership Team for their support of the Year 12s throughout the year. To the Kolbe Staff, the teachers and non-teaching staff, thank you for having provided guidance, understanding, encouragement and a multitude of other supports, too many to mention.

We wish our Year 12 cohort of 2022 all the very best. May they go out into the big wide world and share their knowledge, skills, compassion, and faith with the world, as they continue their journey through life.

Miss Samantha Mizzi
Director of Students (Senior Years)

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