The Solemnities of All Saints Day and All Souls Day

All Saints’ Day is celebrated on November 1st to remember all saints and martyrs during Christian history. It is followed by All Souls’ Day on November 2nd to commemorate and pray for those who have passed within the faith.

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,


All Saints Day

Lord, today,

We thank you for the Saints now gone before us whose faith defined their living and their dying;

those who loved you more than their own lives;

those who are still mirrors of your love.

We celebrate the saints who walk among us rejoicing while they walk in your footsteps, making your name known in a fractured world,

against injustice, prejudice, hatred, evil.

We stand with those who sacrifice themselves to bring about your kingdom here on earth.

Lord, your grace shines in the lives of Saints.

We thank you for their example, their holy words.

Your Spirit inspired them.

Come Holy Spirit inspire us to be saints in your Church now.

All Souls Day

Lord, in November,

We call to mind all those whose lives are done.

We thank you that their time, now completed, however short or long, sad, or joyful,

is gathered up, looked on and known by you.

We offer up remembrance:

those whose absence we feel daily;

those who have shaped us;

those who have nurtured us;

the people we are grateful to have walked with;

all those we hardly knew but wished we’d known better.

We give thanks for all they gave, and all the future owes them.

Lord, your love embraces every person who has ever lived;

you promised that you lost none.

May your Spirit make us always thankful for all our gifts of love and cherished memory.

Through Christ our Lord,


St Maximilian Kolbe,

Pray for us,


In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,


Faith and Community News

Columban Season of Creation Writing Competition

Recently some of our Year 7 students entered the Columban Season of Creation Writing Competition. Three of our students were lucky winners. Congratulations to these three students for taking out first, second and third places in their division.

  • Yuan Salvan First place
  • Savion Nauom Second place
  • Aadvik Narang Third place

You can find their winning entries below.

A Plea for Creation

To you, My father, the voice of creation, I pray for this civilization.

To our surprise, our realization, Of what we’ve left for our generation.

To what I see, and what I hear, Our world in shambles, it's very severe, From since your son had disappeared,

Please, guide us, and let us hear What if you're lost, you have the curse? Imagine that, but very much worse.

From what we’ve done, from what we’ve observed, We have to save our beloved earth.

Aadvik Year 7 

How do you listen to the voice of creation?

There are several different ways to listen to God, but some ways I know of are nature, the bible, and prayer. Most people know about the Bible but never go too deep into it. The bible hosts many scriptures, most of which contain messages from God or Jesus. Sometimes, it is easy to see ‘messages’ from God throughout the world, but most of the time, it’s hard to do so. There is no correct answer to what a message from God is or isn’t, but one thing I do know is that once you see it, you’ll know.

What do you see, and what do you hear?

What we see and hear is different for every person, but for me, I can see very few trees near us, yet numerous far away. The world we live in is destroying the natural world, but some things we can do is just to plant more and more plants. Doing this may not make a difference now, but it will soon.

How does your faith and personal experience lead you to action in caring for the Earth?

Our belief that Jesus will come again means that one day he will return. It wouldn’t be right if he had to return to such a destroyed world. Fixing this not only creates the best possible future for us but let’s Jesus’ return to a better place.

Savion Year 7

Voice Of Creation

The voice of creation can be known as many things. To me it is the mighty being of God. Since the voice of creation to me is God, I can communicate and listen to him every day. I can read the bible; I can go to mass and listen to the scriptures and I can pray and do nice things. Even just thinking about God is like listening to the voice of creation.

When I do these things, it's like there is this feeling of warmth. I can feel and hear what it’s saying to me, and I can do what it wants me to do. This is mostly just doing kind actions to others. When I imagine the voice of creation, I imagine a powerful figure in white talking to me.

The Catholic faith and beliefs have shown a lot of light to the world and its beauty and creation. This has given me a greater appreciation for it. It has given me a lot of passion for striving to keep it healthy and clean for everyone. Growing up in the Philippines, I saw firsthand the pollution. There was trash in the lakes and ocean that destroyed marine life, Carbon dioxide making it hard to breathe and other stuff. Now that I am in Australia, I understand how vital it is to take care of our home.

Yuan Year 7

College Captain Blaine Martin takes a GAP year to give back to other youth.

One of our 2022 College captains, Blaine Martin, has decided to take a year off after Year 12 to give back to the community before he starts his university degree.

Blaine will be working for the Youth Mission Team which is an organisation that has been coming out to Kolbe Catholic college for a few years now and running some of our Reflection Days. The Team consists of young people from 18 to 23 years old who are passionate about living the Gospel Values and sharing their faith with other young people. Blaine will live in a community of young males, who have also given up a year of their life and travel to schools to facilitate events with his team members. Blaine, and the other volunteers, will be moving interstate for this experience. Kolbe catholic college is so proud of Blaine and wish him every blessing during this experience.

God bless everyone,

Ms Caith Malone
Director Faith and Community

From the Principal


Deputy Principal