We will be offering multiple tuition pathways in 2021 as a mechanism to continue to support student learning.

25 February 2021

Dear Parents/Caregivers

Kolbe Catholic College Tuition Pathways (Literacy and Numeracy)

COVID-19 disrupted the traditional mode of face to face learning in 2020. At Kolbe Catholic College, we were able to rapidly respond by activating our remote learning plan. This platform allowed students to continue their learning from home. In some circumstances students found this difficult and may be concerned that COVID-19 created gaps in their learning. As such, Kolbe Catholic College will be offering multiple tuition pathways in 2021 as a mechanism to continue to support student learning.

One of the multiple tuition pathways on offer will target the areas of Literacy and Numeracy, providing students with the opportunity to work with tutors in small withdrawal groups to address any gaps in Literacy and/or Numeracy that may have become evident following the various Remote Learning periods in 2020. The sessions on offer have been strategically designed to enable students to engage in skill building and the development of key knowledge and understanding in a safe and supportive environment.

Families interested in the program are asked to use the link below to register students for one of the multiple phases of the Literacy and Numeracy Withdrawal Program that will operate throughout 2021. In registering students for the program, families will be asked to indicate whether they would like their daughter/son to be involved in sessions targeting Literacy and/or Numeracy (Options exist for students to receive tutoring in both areas.).

Online Registration Link: https://forms.gle/yKbSHyH8En5NhXqaA

Online registrations for the Literacy and Numeracy Withdrawal Program close on Tuesday 2 March 2021 at 9.00am. Following this, further correspondence about the specific elements of the program will be distributed to the relevant families and students.

Families requiring further information associated with the tuition pathways available are welcome to make contact with the College via telephone on 8339 3060.

Yours sincerely

Mr Nick Scully Principal

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