Enrolment Information


Enrolment Policy

This policy is developed within the Enrolment Guidelines for the Archdiocese of Melbourne as they apply to Catholic Secondary Schools. The enrolment policy is sensitive to people of other faiths and cultures and minority groups.



Enrolment Application Form

The Year 7 2021 Enrolment Application Forms are available from the College. The Application Form is also available from the College website and from the Catholic primary schools in the priority parishes.


Application Procedure

The Application Form is to be completed and submitted to the College together with the Application Fee of $50, and please check the document checklist on the enrolment form.


Key Enrolment Dates for Year 7 2021

Applications for Year 5 students commencing Year 7 2021 are now open.

23 August 2019: Applications for Year 5 students commencing Year 7 in 2021 close.

6 September 2019: Principals exchange a full list of applications with neighbouring colleges.

25 October 2019: Offers of places to prospective Year 7 2021 students are to be posted.

4 – 8 November 2019:The final date for families to accept Year 7 2021 offers made by school.


Enrolment Guidelines

Enrolment applications and enrolment offers are processed in accordance with the Archdiocese of Melbourne enrolment guidelines and the College Enrolment Policy. The policy is included in the enrolment pack.


For all Enrolment Enquiries

Please contact the College Registrar on 8339 3060, or email registrar@kolbecc.catholic.edu.au