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Student Wellbeing

Student Wellbeing

Student Leadership


Students Leaders at Kolbe lead the way

The Student Leadership system ay Kolbe provides all students with the opportunity to lead both formally and informally.

Underpinned by a culture of collaboration and opportunity, students are encouraged to be involved in College events and celebrations, actively contributing to the design, development and execution of activities which provide great opportunities for growth through authentic leadership experiences.

Informal leadership occurs each time that students are attentive to their duties as members of the College, by making the most of what is on offer and ensuring that their example serves as guidance for others.

Formal leadership opportunities exist for selected students who rejoice in the Student Leadership framework structuring our College leaders. Such leaders represent the student body and offer a voice to the student community.


 Vision and Values of Student Leadership

The College community is inspired by the legacy of St Maximilian Kolbe – a story of heroism, courage and self-sacrifice; a beacon of hope for the future. Kolbe’s life and death inspires us to follow Jesus as he did; his faith, his commitment to those in need no matter what it would cost him and his passionate concern for excellence in living his faith.

Through his faith and actions St Maximilian Kolbe exemplified the model of servant leadership.

Therefore, as a College our goal is to build a student leadership structure and framework that is based on a servant leadership model.  Student leaders would be recognised for their ability to demonstrate the characteristics of empathy, listening, respect, stewardship and commitment towards the growth of our College community. In doing so, all student leaders would be expected to ‘serve’ first and by serving they would truly be able to ‘lead’.

The College leaders work directly with some members of the College Leadership Team. These leadership roles are promoted and celebrated amongst the student body. There is an understanding that above all, the academic and wellbeing progression and development of the students is enhanced through the opportunity to lead and represent others.

Some common duties of College leaders include Helping with the organisation of key College events, inclusive of Liturgies and Assemblies; active participation in the implementation of initiatives at the College and extended community levels; the promotion of problem solving initiatives for issues affecting the student body; the helping with the organisation of assemblies as required with active involvement in liturgical leadership activities in liaison with the Director of Faith and Community. In addition, attendance at all College events as required, inclusive of those occuring after school.

Student leaders are expected to be a humble leader, develop collective and personal goals, demonstrate a commitment to the student body in the role as leader, provide an appropriate attitude to promote and achieve positive outcomes by being approachable to all members of the College community, having an understanding of an appreciation for the leadership role offered by the College community and working in collaboration with peers.

Student leaders are willing to support the overall plans developed collaborative with others, are  punctual, dress appropriately and follow all school rules. They display leadership skills in the classroom and self-reflect and reassess leadership personal goals for the year continually.

Currently, students have access to the following leadership opportunities:

  • College Captains
  • College Vice-Captains
  • Academic Ambassadors
  • Arts Ambassadors
  • Community Ambassadors
  • Sports Ambassadors
  • Spirituality Ambassadors
  • Student Leaders (Year 9)
  • House Captains at years 8, 11 and 12


Meeting Schedule

It is expected that all Student Leaders will attend regular meetings where they will plan, discuss, and/or review initiatives and the undertaking of specific duties. Such meetings will occur regularly, with some students holding membership to more than one grouping.

Meetings will take place once a week. Exact meeting day is yet to be determined. There will never be more than one meeting per week.

Membership to subgroups is as follows:

  1. School Leadership Team: College Captain and College Vice-Captains liaising with Deputy Principal and Director of Students: Senior School.
  2. Ambassadors:
    1. Academic: Liaising with Assistant Principal – Learning and Teaching
    2. Arts: Liaising with Curriculum Leader – Middle Years
    3. Community: Liaising with Director of Faith and Community
    4. Sports: Liaising with Sport Coordinator
  1. Year 9 student leaders liaising with Director of Students: Middle School.
  2. House Leaders Teams: House Captains liaising with their respective House Leaders.
  3. School Leaders Team: Ambassadors, Year 9 student leaders liaising with Deputy Principal, Director of Students: Senior & Middle Schools .