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Parent Portal

Click here to access Parent Portal


SEQTA is an all in one portal for parents to visibly view their child’s overall curriculum throughout each school year.

Via the parent portal parents have access to:

  • View child’s homework
  • View child’s timetable
  • Get pastoral care overview
  • Find out about unexplained absences
  • Access child’s attendance history
  • Get details of upcoming assessments
  • View assessment results and comments
  • View online messages from teachers
  • View school notices

Each Parent will have an individual login to the Parent Portal.

Shortly after enrolling your Child at Kolbe you will receive a email from SEQTA to set up your Login Credentials.

In the E-mail click on ‘Set up your account Now‘ and you will be prompted to create a Username and Password.

You can also click on the ‘App Store or Google Play‘ links to download the SEQTA Engage App from the E-mail. Setup Instructions scroll further down.


NOTE: If each Parent wishes to have their own login accounts they need to provide individual email accounts at enrolment.




A SEQTA Engage Mobile Application is now available for download on IOS and Android devices


1. Once you download ‘SEQTA Engage’ from either App Store or Google Play, select ‘Manual Setup.

2. Enter in the Web Address as ‘parent.kolbecc.catholic.edu.au’ and click continue.

                                                        3. Enter in your SEQTA login Username and Password.

4. Once logged in you will be able to access all your SEQTA applications via your Mobile Device and Push notifications.


If you require assistance or have any questions please use the below contact:

Kolbe I.T Helpdesk on: 03 8339 3060 or itsupport@kolbecc.catholic.edu.au