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Kolbe Catholic College students have been empowered to take the world’s blueprint for development into their own hands

As part of The Young Person’s Plan for the Plant program, an initiative of Questacon, students from Kolbe Catholic College created and presented a sustainable development plan to the Federal Ministers in Canberra back in September 2018.  Kolbe Catholic College was one of 20 secondary schools from across Australia that were invited to participate in the program.

A very successful presentation has lead to four Kolbe Catholic College students being selected and invited to attend the pilot which is being held in Mauritius in November 2018.  The Conference is only open to selected senior high school students.  Nancy, Kaylee, Rihan and Aneesah will attend presentations covering international leadership, as well as innovations, career discussions and workshops in Digital Literacy, Science and other STEM subjects focused on achieving a sustainable ‘Future Earth’.

Nancy, Kaylee, Rihan and Aneesah will also be able to present and workshop STEM and management learning from their ‘It’s our Future Earth’ Conference. They will learn how to mentor and teach, based on the knowledge and experience they have developed in STEM subjects and their application to achieving a sustainable Future Earth.

“The students will have this amazing opportunity to engage with key organisations, including government and community leadership and business during the conference”.

In addition to the ‘It’s our Future Earth’ Conference the Kolbe Catholic College students will also be visiting Singapore.  Singapore is fast becoming a country of interest and innovation for STEM.

Whilst in Singapore the Kolbe Catholic College students will learn about how Singapore’s largest urban water catchment managers the clean water supply for this growing city, visit climate-controlled gardens built on reclaimed land and modelled for sustainable development and conservation and learn how Singapore creates high grade reclaimed water, ultra clean and safe to drink, using advanced membrane technologies and ultra-violet disinfection.  The students will embark on a journey of discovery on Singapore’s latest science and engineering research and new technologies.

“It is so important for our young people to learn the skills to build a sustainable future.  This opportunity to learn from career Scientists, Mathematicians, Engineers and Technologists about sustainable Future Earth topics will inspire and encourage our students, our leaders of tomorrow, to have a ‘voice’ in planning for their own future sustainable world.”

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