Year 7 Book Lists 2022

Learning Resource Catalogue 2022

You will find below a link to the Year 7 2022 Learning Resource Catalogue for your child. The Learning Resource Catalogue contains a list of the required materials that will support student learning both in and outside of the classroom in 2022.

The materials listed for each subject have been incorporated into the learning design of each course, making them essential for student participation.

You will notice that many of the materials listed are digital in nature. These materials have proven to be the best for enhancing student learning outcomes and providing support for individuals whilst complementing the digital platform upon which courses are delivered.

All orders are to be completed online at using C6Y6 as your code.

Year 7 Learning Resource Catalogue 2022

Year 7 Suggested Stationery List

Below is an additional suggested stationery list to complement the 2022 Learning Resource Catalogue. The items on this list are categorised per subject and can be purchased by families to support student learning if they choose. In purchasing these items there is no set brand or style recommended.

Year 7 Stationery List 2022

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