Uniform Policy


It is the wish of the parents of students at Kolbe Catholic College Greenvale Lakes that there be a College uniform and, therefore, the basic principle is because we have a uniform, it ought to be worn well. Attention to personal appearance promotes a sense of self worth and gives expression to it.

Uniform is, therefore, important for at least three reasons:

  • It is a symbol of equality among students
  • It demonstrates mutual respect
  • It shows affiliation to the College

All students share in the responsibility to maintain the College’s reputation by their wearing of the prescribed uniform correctly – during school hours, while travelling to and from school and on all occasions when representing the College (including excursions). All school uniform items should be clearly labelled.

Uniform Regulations

Summer Uniform:

  • Term 1; and
  • After Melbourne Cup long weekend in Term 4

Winter Uniform:

  • Terms 2 –4; up to the Melbourne Cup long weekend.

NB: At the commencement of Term 4 with the likelihood of warmer weather, students can choose to wear either their winter or summer uniform. In either instance, students are required to be in correct uniform. Wearing a mix of winter and summer uniform is not permitted. Upon return from the Melbourne Cup long weekend students are required to wear the summer uniform.

  1. Blazer: The Blazer is the outermost garment. From the start of Term 2 until the Melbourne Cup long weekend, blazers and ties are compulsory to and from school and at all formal occasions including assemblies. In Term 1 and after the Melbourne Cup long weekend, blazers are optional. However, the jumper is not to be worn as the outermost garment.
  2. College hat/cap: should be worn when a student is outdoors for any prolonged period of time during the summer months (Term 1 and Term 4). Hats are compulsory for all PE activities in Terms 1 and 4. Caps are not to be worn indoors. Graffiti or drawing on the College cap/hat is not permitted. Beanies or any other hats are not permitted.
  3. Girls’ dresses or skirts: must be worn below the knee.
  4. When worn, the tie must be tightened to fit correctly around the neck (top button fastened).
  5. No garments other than those stated on the uniform list are to be visible. This includes coloured T-Shirts or singlets which are visible through shirts, boxer shorts under dresses/ above trousers, and socks beneath or over tights.
  6. The full PE uniform may be worn to school if PE is timetabled for that day. In Term 1 and after the Melbourne Cup long weekend, PE shorts may be worn without the tracksuit pants. It is recommended that families purchase at least two sports polo tops.
  7. Jewellery and make-up: Students are not permitted to wear visible make-up or jewellery except for a watch, and plain sleepers or studs for pierced ears. Only one sleeper or stud per ear. Sleepers or studs should be either sliver or gold in colour. Any other visible piercings of any form are not permitted. Clear plastic plugs or band- aid coverings are not acceptable. A small crucifix or religious emblem on a necklace is acceptable. However, they are best worn beneath the student’s shirt or dress. Nail polish, gel nails and/or acrylics are not permitted.
  8. Hairstyles: For health and safety reasons hair must be tied back and “off the face”. Accessories must be discreet, small and plain school colours (red, white or dark blue) or silver. Glitter is not permitted. Accessories must be functional; not decorative. Hair must be natural in colour and style and kept clean. Unusual hairstyles, as determined by the College, that are not in keeping with the wearing of school uniform are unacceptable. This includes dreadlocks, thin braids, long fringes hanging over eyes, mohawks, shaved heads less than a ‘number 2’. Boys’ faces must be clean shaven.
  9. Runners/Sports Shoes: The only time runners or gym shoes are to be worn to school is with the sports uniform. At all other times, black leather shoes are to be worn. Should shoes need to be replaced, then that is to be done immediately, regardless of the time of year (including Term 4). Please note the soles of runners are to be non-marking. Also, Dunlop volleys, vans, converse, canvas shoes and/or sandshoes are not permitted.
  10. Scarves: During the winter months, students are permitted to wear the College scarf (ink blue with monogram). The College scarf is only to be worn to and from school and in the grounds during the day. Skivvies are not part of the uniform.
  11. Shirt: In Term 1 and after the Melbourne Cup long weekend, the shirt with the monogram and firm collar does not have to be tucked in.
  12. College Bags: All students must have an approved College bag. Laptops bags do not replace the College bag.
  13. Sunsmart: In Terms 1 and 4, the College Cap (boys)/College Hat (girls) is to be worn while outdoors. The cap is to be worn for PE, sport sessions, SACCSS events and training and other activities at recess and lunchtime. In Terms 1 and 4, it is expected that the College Cap/ College Hat be worn to and from school. Remember to wear sunblock.
  14. Tie: In Term 1 and after the Melbourne Cup long weekend, the tie does not have to be worn. Whenever the tie is worn, the shirt must be tucked in.

If you are not wearing the correct uniform

If there are genuine reasons why students may be out of uniform, please ensure that a written explanation is given to your child’s Learning Advisor. Learning Advisors will contact parents of any child who attends school not wearing their correct uniform without a note. If there is no improvement, follow up will occur through the relevant House Leader and consequences will continue to be imposed. For students who continue to wear the incorrect uniform, the issue is then referred to one of the Deputy Principals, as the matter will no longer be considered simply a uniform issue, but may constitute an unwillingness to comply with College policy and procedures in general. Please note that failure to wear the correct uniform on any given day can result in the student being sent home, and parents will be required to collect the student on the day. Reason for this is that students will not be able to attend classes unless there is a written note and a plan to rectify the situation.

Students maybe issued with a detention for constant breaches of the Uniform Policy.