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A prayer for the Lenten Season

Loving God,
As we take this journey
That draws us ever closer to you
Walk with us
Sustain us,
Nurture us.
Strengthening God, as we go through
The wilderness of lent and of our lives,
Send your manna to us,
give us wisdom to turn from temptation
And your grace to turn to.
Compassionate God, as we walk through the pot holes of life, the valleys, the pits of life,
Guide us with your hand
Keep our feet steady,
And our vision on you.
Faithful God, whether we choose to give up something for lent
Or do something positive,
Let us not do it out of obligation
Or because we ought to,
But out of love for you.
Keep us in your paths of love, mercy and grace.
Lord help us to remember we are not alone
but that we are walking with our fellow travellers,
United in your love.

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